• Support in developing a conception of a health project (emergency, plastic surgery hospital, rehabilitation, medical wellness) at Red Sea, later: takeover of operator function.
  • Support in developing a medical center with a large number of clincs and in planning a rehabilitation hospital in Cairo.
  • Project management of a cooperation between Klinikum Stuttgart and the governmental
    Al Razi Hospital, Kuwait.
  • Support in the management of a private hospital in Dohuk.
HCMISaudi Arabia
  • Support in developing Rehablitation Centers in Ryadh.
  • Organizing of cooperation between German orthopedics nd orthopedic hospitals in Ryadh.
  • Support in developing a hospital in Jeddah.
  • Support of the Ministry of Health in the activities to gain cooperation partners in Germany.
  • Support in procurement of pharmaceuticals.
  • Support in developing a health centre in Muscat.
  • Support in the market launch of a medical product.
  • Support in developing a specialized hospital.
HCMIUnited Arab Emirates
  • Support of a private Hospital in Dubai.
  • Support in developing a rehabilitation centre in Dubai.